Sunday, October 28, 2007

My response to the Quixtar IBO who responded

Fighting the Amway Myths? Ha! If you did any research at all you would know that Amway was disbanded because of the FTC deeming them fraudulent and ripping thousands of people off and in the same fashion Quixtar did the same thing. Your part about "internet critics" which internet critics are these? Are you talking about Dateline? Last I checked DATELINE was a news show not an internet critic. I figured that I would get some moronic IBO who tries to justify Quixtar's claims. When did I ever say an IBO was the one selling tapes? If you would refer to said links in my previous post you would realize that I was referring to the executives of Quixtar who make all the money off the "pump you up" BS internet marketing books that Quixtar claims will make you rich. The average platinum makes 4 grand a month huh? is that profit or before all expenses incurred such as advertising and the thoughtless books and promo material sold by the parent company? In reference to my first point the same thieves that operated Amway operate Quixtar and the only reason they are trying to clean up their image now is because of Dateline's report on their illegal practices. I still stand by the fact that IBO's are pissed off because they were exposed and Quixtar is nothing more than another pyramid scheme amongst thousands. Those who defend Quixtar defend unethical business practices and should be deemed people that can not and will not be trusted. Again, like I said in the previous posting Quixtar is a rip off they were exposed and there are still morons out there who try to justify their unethical ways of doing business. Oh yes and one more point, You trying to advertise your personal site about how great amway/Quixtar is doesn't show facts it only shows your opinion and your lack of judgment on not looking up the facts. is another Quixtar propaganda site to bring money into a company that's full of shit. I hope you one day awaken and realize the mistakes you have made for defending Amway.


IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

ummm ... wow ... talk about WRONG. first of all, I'm not a Quixtar IBO, I'm an Amway IBO internationally.

Secondly, Amway was not disbanded by the FTC. It was investigated in the 70s and found to be a legitimate business. In the late 90s a sister company, Quixtar, was launched with an internet focus. By 2002 nearly all Amway IBOs had elected to transfer to the internet opportunity, so Amway in North America was subsumed by Quixtar. They recently announced they're changing the name back to Quixtar.

As for Dateline, many of the folk they interviewed and used as sources as internet critics. Dateline also investigated one group within one organization.

Again, no executives of Quixtar make money of books, cds etc. Quixtar does not sell this stuff. Are you sure you were an IBO? You apparently have no clue at all how it operates.

As for being a "propoganda site to bring in money" - it's my site, and believe me it brings in no money at all!

IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

That should have read "they recently announced they're changing the name back to Amway"

Anonymous said...

60 minutes did a segment on Amway and it also implied that the money is made selling hope and not soap.

IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

oh, you mean the 60 minutes episode "Soap and Hope" ...26 years ago

Good grief man, you may have missed it but more than a quarter of a century has passed.