Saturday, October 27, 2007

Business Report:My time with Quixtar

hello everyone JB here I am bringing another business report that is opening the way to my new business blog that is coming very soon. I must say that I've seen a lot of business "plans" over the years online anything from being a travel agent to selling vitamins. I did time with several business ventures online including Quixtar. Quixtar is the company that claims $3 billion dollars in sales since 1999 (Source Dateline Story: In Pursuit of the almighty dollar) but what Quixtar doesn't tell you is that they dont make their fortune from the vitamins you're supposed to sell to consumers. They make their money from the tapes,CD's and books you purchase to help launch your "business". In my time with Quixtar and listening to their claims of becoming wealthy I met many people who were involved and never met any that made over 200 dollars a month. Wow! that's truly financially free. (heavy sarcasm)Most of the so called leaders are lunatics who don't try to promote their business in any other way but what is advertised in Quixtar there is no encouragement in learning about internet marketing of any kind. Me and my friend both left the business to pursue other ventures shortly after we learned of all of this, Trust me in my experience in Quixtar the only people who make money off of this business are those who own the company. My opinion and my experience with the company is STAY AWAY FROM QUIXTAR! It is a rip off and a scam you'll be wasting your time and oh yes don't try to tell a Quixtar member this they don't listen anyways.

50,000 people agree with me that Quixtar is a joke.

references to anybody who wants to learn more about Quixtar and the Dateline investigation exposing their fraud check these links

P.S.: If you are a Quixtar IBO this is for informational and satire purposes only I don't want you crying to me because I'm not telling the "truth" because we all know DATELINE lies heh


IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

Wow, well, I don't know about the "satire" part, but the "informational" bit is so far off kilter it's ridiculous. I'm just totally shocked and surprised you weren't wildly successful in Quixtar - given you don't appear to know much about it.

You know how much money Quixtar makes out of "tapes,CDs, books"? Pretty much nothing, they only sell a couple, and very cheap. What you're probably talking about is some IBOs who have setup separate companies to train IBOs (much like Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar or such) and they do indeed make money of that, as any entrepreneur would expect. But the idea that most IBOs or IBO leaders make most of their money of "tools" is a myth spread by internet critics. Some do, but it's nowhere near as widespread as they claim. Well, they, and now you, since you're spreading the myth yourself. What's that saying about a lie is half way around the world before the truth get's it's shoes on? And that was before the internet.

It's obvious you never went to much trouble to meet people if you claim you "never met any that made over $200/mth". The average income of a Platinum is over $4000/mth, and in 2005 there were nearly 900 *new* people qualify at that level. Average Diamond income (there's between 20 and 40 new ones every year in Quixtar) is around $12,500/mth. Average income for Founders Executive Diamond and above the same year was nearly $1,400,000/yr.

And those figures are before the new bonuses that have just been added, such as a cool $500,000 for qualifying Diamond every month for 2 years. These are the facts. The FTC requires this stuff to be published, and it is - on

And if you're interested in other actual facts about Amway and Quixtar instead of just internet myths, check out

Save Up For Your Diamonds, Business Execs Don't Give 'em Out said...

Sorry to say, Mr. Quixtar Rep, but the business here sounds like another rotten Amway scheme.

Don't be suckered! You'll look back ten years down the road and wonder why you just didn't soundly invest your time and money instead of lining the coffers of Quixtar execs.

That's my opinion on the matter, hopefully you'll consider it.

Ex - IBO said...

How do you know what these Quixtar bigshots make? Do you have their financial records? With thousands of suckers attending functions, I'm sure its reasonable to assume that these guys make all their money from selling cassettes and seminar tickets.