Sunday, March 04, 2007

Free Goodies Mayhem, Part 2

In today's world of fast information, there's plenty of free goodies on the web. Here's our second installment of what will be a weekly feature to bring you the best of free goodies on the internets. Enjoy. :)

-Free Web Goodies: Part 2

1. FreeTube
*This site lets you watch TV online for free without the need for any special software, hardware or subscription service.

2. Schtuff
* Schtuff is a FREE Wiki type platform offering 3 free spaces, 200 MB free space, ability to control edits, image gallery and document tagging.

3. FavIcon From Pics
* This is a good web tool that lets you easily create still or animated favicons from regular images.

4. SongBird
*This is a sweet, sweet desktop application that every person should have. It allows you to play any mp3 on the web as easily as a local file, provides quick web browsing in the interface and more. The link directs to the video page, which gives a nice demonstration of the program. I give this one many stars.

5. File Den
*Free 50 MB of transfer space and 500 MB of free storage.

6. The British Library
*Online site for the British Library The British Library has a massive collection of priceless items, with over 13 million books, 920,000 journal and newspaper titles, 57 million patents, 3 million sound recordings and much more. You can access a good portion of the material - like thumbing through classic, old and original texts- online. Very neat and something worth checking out.

7. 110MB
* This is pretty much the best in a free web hosting right now. With an account you get free 2000 MB of storage space, a fast, clustered service network, live support, 100 GB monthly bandwidth, free FTP, domain hosting and more. It's a good deal.

8. Notepad++
*It's notepad on the juice! This program gives a richer offering than normal ol' notepad, which can be very, very useful for quick note jotting or coding.

9. Librarian Chick
*If you want free academia, this site is awesome. There's plenty for free and great goodies that you should check out here.

10. All of TV
*All of TV stays updated with sources of online tv shows from various sources. It has been steadily growing in popularity.

11. Superstrom
*This freeware goodie allows you to encrypt and hide an important document, that you may want hidden (up to 200kb for free edition), inside a jpeg image of your choice.

12. Comodo
*Comodo has received props from quite a few people for being a good source of free firewall protection. If you need something to protect your system, this is surely worth checking out.

13. Aptana IDE
*Are you looking for a free, easy alternative to build a webpage? Aptana includes coding assistance features for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS languages, an outliner of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code structure, error and warning notification. The little red check mark that instantly shows up when something is potentially miscoded can be a headache preventer. The features are abundant and nice, all in a good interface. So go slice some bread and download this program. You'll quickly see why this proggy is one of the best things ever since, ya, you get it...

14. Audacity
*It's shocking that more people do not know about this one. Audacity may be the best free sound recorder out there. You can use it for basically anything sound related. This program can clean-up hiss and crackles in recordings, easily split and edit tracks, record from your soundcard (great for two-person recorded podcasts) and more. This is a good, free program to have.

15. University of Virginia Etext Center
*From the University of Virginia, this free ebook collection puts over 2100 works at your fingertips. Definitely a good check out.

Catch our first week's listing of free goodies here.


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Anonymous said...

good stuff. i was just looking for a way to edit up some music stuff i did, thans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Librarian Chick!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Librarian site is flipping nice. Nice find.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add free advice and guidance to that list by the big man upstairs himself:

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