Thursday, January 25, 2007

Free Goodies for The Mind, Eyes, and Ears

Internet Radio

1. Omninternet
* This a pretty awesome site. Through it you can easily select an interface, have a nice selection of stations and even submit a live station to the general listing.

2. LaunchCast
* A part of the Yahoo! network, Launch! has access to tons of songs and new releases. You can set yourself up as the DJ of your own station, which you set a "mood" for based on your tastes and favorite artists. From there, the station will play your favorite artists and genres, getting better the more you use it.

3. Last FM
*Last FM is a great site that has cool little widgets and a very fast setup. You'll be listening to your favorite artists, sometimes even with live performance tapings, in no time.

4. Live365
*This classic site puts 1000's of quality radio stations at your fingertips and also allows easy broadcast.

5. ShoutCast
* To use this you will need to download WinAmp, which everyone should have anyway. ShoutCast has many different quality radio station from about theglobe playing many private DJ stations. They also keep nice streams of mainstream radio and even tv shows which you can find in the navigation panel.

-TV Shows
1. AllUC
*AllUC archives shows that are being streamed about the web. It's a sure way to catch up for any program you may have missed.

2. In2TV
*In2TV has tons of classics like The Jetsons, Growing Pains, Babylon 5 and tons more. It also features shows, movies, and videos from major stations like TNT, Fox, ABC and more. You have an option to add as many shows as you like to an easy-to-make playlist to watch at your leisure. Definitely a must bookmark.

3. Lord of TV
*This site lists over 1000 tv networks and allows you to stream within your browser.

4. Choose and Watch
*A television portal that lets you choose and watch from many stations about the globe for viewing in your browser.

5. TVU Network
*TVU requires download and allows you to stream television networks or publish your own broadcast.

-Free Ebooks and Academia
1. Digital Book Index
*This is a very, very nice master list of many e-book resources. You'll get a very nice fill here.

2. The Project Gutenberg
*The archive at last glance was around 20,000 books. Make sure to bookmark this site as well.

3. Ebookshare

4. Harvard Classics

5. Computer E-books

6. Librarian Chick


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Anonymous said...

awesome stuff! thnx guys.

Anonymous said...

You should also check out the free software 'THe Filter' which is like but for your own music collection (making real good playlists)

Anonymous said...

Peekvid is good one for tv too.

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is the "free" at the computer e books link? They all send you to amazon, nice try

K-dubb said...

^That link went to junk. It's fixed now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This site is the recommended web-site. . Cheers Glenn Prolonoff!