Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Captain America Dead

It seems the guys over at Marvel Entertainment aren't beyond bringing death to perhaps one of the most iconic figures in modern mythology. At age 66, Captain America is dead, the victim of sniper's bullet from a would-be terrorist.

The superhero, who intrigued the minds of youngsters and adults alike, was killed in the latest comic Captain America #25.

The character, created in 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, initially served as a heroic foe against Adolf Hitler.

In his most recent incarnation, Cap was involved in a Civil War within the US, one that saw superhero pitted against superhero, the realization of terror and hardline government policy.

It seems that now even stories and characters that are supposed to provide inspiration during tough times, are falling victim to the entrenched and perhaps dark nature of modern politics.

While some fans, as seen in popular message boards such Comic Book Resources, have expressed displeasure at the story's decision, others have said they will weather the course and see exactly where the beloved hero's death leads.

Reports indicate that over the years, the Captain America franchise has sold over 210 million books in over 75 countries worldwide.

You may check out the scene, in a panel of Captain America #25, here.

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