Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mugger Attacks 101-Year-Old Woman

In a story that perhaps reaches the bottom of the barrel in lowness, a mugger decided to attack a sweet, 101-year-old woman in Queens, New York.

As police are investigating the heinous attack, they have the rare luxury of having surveillance on their side. The attack was taped.

Surveillance footage shows a man seen punching the elderly lady, Rose Morat, in the Jamaica Estates located in Queens. The suspect allegedly snatched the woman's purse and hit her some more afterward, knocking her to the floor.

Most likely stunned and in shock after the mugging, Ms. Morat had this to say;

"'All of a sudden I hear this bang and I did not fall and I wasn't unconscious but I was stunned and I thought, what happened? And I looked and there's the blood coming out.'"

Reports indicate that the man who attacked Rose Morat is suspected of striking again, this time attacking an 85-year-old woman to get her purse.

The suspect is said to have been seen riding a pink bicycle and wears a winter coat with fur around the collar. He remains at large and a Crime Stoppers number at (800) 577-TIPS is to be called if anyone has information related to these incidents.

For the full story and to see video interview of Rose Morat and surveillance footage, visit WNBC.



ALRO said...

That ranks right up there with the Pedophile from Australia that i featured on my blog.. disgraces, the lot of 'em!!

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