Wednesday, January 24, 2007

5-Year-Old Kicked Off School Bus, Left In Projects

In a story that would make a loving parent angry enough to put Hulk to shame, a Long Island school bus driver kicked a 5-year-old off a bus right in the middle of a tough Queens housing project.

Since when is it alright to start kicking kids off buses and planes?

The young child, named Omar Murray, had just finished a typical Friday at his school in Long Island City. A school aide accidentally told him to get onto a bus, though he is not even supposed to ride a bus home after school. This was the first mistake in what could have been a very unfortunate story.

After boarding the bus, the 5-year-old Murray rode the entire mile long route before the bus ended up at the Queensbridge housing project. This is when things took a turn for the worse.

"'He (the driver) said he didn't know my name and then just kicked me off the bus,'" Murray said.

At this point Murray would have been left on his own in an unfamiliar project, had it not been for a stranger who picked him up.

Jackelyn Soto, Murray's mother stated, "'About nine blocks from my house he was thrown off the bus and left with a stranger.'" She went on to say, "'She took him without checking a list.'"

Fortunately the stranger who picked him up was not of the bad, creepy variety. The woman allegedly heard the entire incident taking place whilst picking up her own kids and took Murray to her home. From there, she managed to contact Soto, Murray's mother.

Murray's mother is upset with the way the school bus driver handled the situation and plans to press charges.

The Department of Education plans to investigate the actions of the driver, who has been suspended, and reports indicate the school aide has been disciplined.

Of this situation that has caused the school system to make swift shifts in bus transport policy, Ms. Soto finds the mistake unacceptable.

"'I believe people make mistakes, but this mistake is unacceptable.'" Soto continued, "'Anything could have happened. He may not be here right now.'"



Anonymous said...

This is beyond scary. The mum was quite calm for such a situation. It goes to show a parent must not take anything for granted as people never care about your kids as much as you do.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

your right...
i think she was too calm....
somethings fishy here..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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