Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Ultimate Fatty Burger of 8,000 Calories

Giant Burger:  SpikedHumor.comThis story is an oldie but a goodie we reported on some time ago. After a quick trip to Jack in the Box to fill up on the superb grease-flavored tacos with house ranch dressing, and a sack 'o cheap burgers, there was much inspiration to bring the ultimate in unhealthy burgers back to the light.

In an unprecedented show of providing more ways for people to get fat, the Heart Attack Grill of Tempe, Arizona, has unleashed its whopping 8,000-calorie burger. Appropriately, the beast is named "The Quadruple Bypass Burger."

The gigantic burger is comprised of four slabs of dead cow, weighing in at 2 lbs, along with three layers of cheese and bacon rashers. In order to show that they still care about your health, the burger's creators also added a nice layer of lettuce and tomato.

It may seem a little disturbing that a person would try to eat such a burger, but a spokesman for the restaurant was quite confident that the monstrous sandwich would find some tough customers; "You have to be a real man to dine here," he stated.

For those with more dainty and refined tastes, it's reported that a smaller burger, "The Triple Bypass", along with "Flatliner" fries are available. The restaurant is also equipped with wheelchairs should anyone need to be carted out after a meal.



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