Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hurricane Katrina

Hello everyone,JB here I am going to talk about the new lawsuit from victims of Katrina. Three Quadrillion dollars? What a ridiculous number how can you possibly put a number on the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people. It's just some ridiculous get rich quick scheme by some dumb lazy bastard who has no idea what the value of a quadrillion is. He probably sat in his livingroom and decided that sounded like a nice figure. To put it in perspective, the GDP of the US last year was 13.7 Trillion and thats a mere 1.37 percent of One Quadrillion. There is no way the government would ever or could ever pay it. That staggering amount would destroy this country but leave it to a bunch of lazy selfish people to screw everyone else over because of something that the government had no control over. Regardless of how powerful the government is they can't control nature. The Levies have been doomed for years and the people of New Orleans knew that and they only did something after a disaster hit. Anybody ever heard of preventive maintenance? I know I have, if you seriously want to better yourselves that takes hard work and time not some half prepared lawsuit that has no merit.

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