Monday, December 31, 2007

Pat Robertson:A christian version of Osama Bin Laden?

Honestly, I think good preachers are pillars in society but if you look up Hatemonger in the dictionary this man's picture will be all over it. This man has said everyone is the antichrist but him. He is one of those intolerant Americans that makes us look horrible to the Muslim world. What a terrible intolerant person. This man hates jews,muslims,pentecostals and the list goes on, He is no better than Bin Laden he spreads his hate for everyone just like the rest of the extremists.

100,000 people agree that Pat Robertson is a self serving twat.


Political Jaywalker said...

Anything taken to the extreme is a bad thing...... top that with perverted interpretation of religion then we may see clash of civilization.

The sad part is it is the extremist that will bring this world into war, destruction, & chaos.... all in the name of "god" or "allah" depending on which religion you belong.

Anonymous said...

You don't the man and are only going by second-hand opinions, many of which are very much agenda driven.

He has strong beliefs, but he doesn't hate those people groups.

The comparison in your post title is most assuredly wrong and insulting to people everywhere who share Robertson's belief in promoting life, not death.