Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who's a better president? George W Bush or a Hershey Bar: An Objective Analysis

Hello Friends, JB here again with a new story. Me and my friend were talking the other day about "Dubya" and how incredibly worthless of a president he was. So I came up with this analysis of who would make a better president.

George Bush costs us a minimum of 400,000 dollars a year, plus all of the war costs and moronic laws that he's passed I'd say he's costed us about a couple of trillion dollars. The Hershey bar costs about a dollar. George Bush sold the United States to foreign companies at close out costs. The Hershey Bar loves us and would never do that. The Hershey Bar can probably pronounce the word "nuclear" and we know Dubya can't. The Hershey Bar helps students at Yale get A's. Dubya was a C average student. Dubya doesn't want to give free healthcare to dependents under 18. The Hershey Bar would for sure do that and definitely tastes good.

If anyone can think of any other comparisions post them please


KyleScott-GoGoDancer said...

Now you just wait a minute there mister.

This is SOOOOO wrong. A Hershey bar will mess up your pretty figure, and the president will not.

You see, it works like this. President Bush realized Americans were getting too fat, thus, he's helping us become poor and dependent on other countries.

You see, the Chinese are all in shape because they are too poor, for the time being, to get cars. They run around in rigshaws all day and also have intense training in free time, there is no such thing as super cable.

They think they are getting the upper hand on us, but in 50 years, China will be a nation full of super-fat folks, gorging themselves on Hershey Bars, while we'll be a poor nation with labor shops, but be really fit and buying China's debt. It's the ol' switcheroo.

So clearly, Bush and my womanly logic beats yours.

Love xoxoxoxoxoxo muah muah,

KyleS. GoGo Dancer

Anonymous said...

your an idiot...... but none the less that article was so funny

Anonymous said...

your an idiot you mean you're an idiot right?