Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Should OJ be punished for his crimes?

Hello Folks JB here I'm bringing you my perspective on a story that has been in the news a lot lately. Is OJ Guilty? My opinion is absolutely positively yes. C'mon now It should have no bearing on your net worth whether or not you get convicted of a crime he broke into a room with a group of criminals and kidnapped and stole several items from these people. Whether or not the items were "his" has no relevance if he had a brain in his head he would have gone to the police and had them investigate. I still don't understand why someone who has so much and is given so much takes from others and robs people he has a comfortable pension he's not exactly on welfare I think hes pompous,arrogant and a fool for possibly ruining his life.

As far as the new book "If I did it" this is absolutely a blatant confession to his crimes double jeopardy is a travesty in this country it means people like that who brutally murder 2 innocent people out of jealousy can get away with it then write a book 15 years later and make a profit. He's a selfish twat

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