Friday, October 19, 2007

Is Ellen Degeneres Really Serious?

Hi Everyone, JB here I am sure that all of you have heard about the plight of Iggy the Dog and Ellen Degeneres who gave him away to her hairdresser. Does anyone else think this is a waste of airtime? I mean c'mon she has millions of dollars, millions of fans, and a lot of media power. But instead of spending her time devoted to real causes such as I dont know maybe raising awareness about AIDS or fighting for cancer or even fighting against ritual killings. She devotes her airtime and all of her focus to one dog who has already been put in another home. That is absolute foolishness it's not like the family had the dog that long or not like they couldn't get another dog. Also her breaking down and crying on national TV was a pointless attempt at getting her way. The people on the Bill Maher show were right she's upset shes not getting her way and she will do anything to get that dog back include threaten people with legal action. I dont see Ellen getting mad at the people making death threats against the people who took in the dog. She's a self serving wench.

300 Million people have agreed with me that nobody really cares about Ellen Degeneres.

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Colorado Baby said...

I think that she is losing her mind.
Wow, GET A GRIP lady.....I actually feel bad for her, can you imagine if something serious happened in her life. I can't imagine...