Thursday, October 18, 2007

Donald Trump calling everyone losers? Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?

Now I've heard some astounding things from Donald Trump over the years. Such as the blatant publicity stunt by fighting with Rosie O Donnell. (whom nobody cares about either) but this latest bunch of arrogance has to top it all he attacks Dan Rather for suing CBS for which he is in his legal right do so but instead of being intelligent and analyzing the situation he calls him a loser. Way to go Don let's look at your accomplishments shall we? Dan Rather has stayed consistently employed and making millions per year for 30+ years. You, on the other hand have had to file more bankrupticies then Willie Nelson. You've also had more failed business attempts then President Bush. granted President Bush can't make an intelligble sentence for himself even if Walter Cronkite spoke for him but at least he doesn't cry about everybody who attacks him. My advice to you Donald Trump is quit acting like an above it all arrogant twat. In fact If you give me your address I'll send you a bottle of Johnson's No More Tears Baby Shampoo.

Once again, Donald Trump is a worthless twat and 300 million people in this country don't understand why media companies still give him airtime.

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