Saturday, May 19, 2007

Real Life Zombies!: Piper's Horn to The Masses

Last night I was finally able to catch a look at the movie 28 Weeks Later. It has the standard makings of a good zombie film.

There was the family we get to know, obligatory people with weapons and bit of gore here and there. Then there were the zombies.

They came popping up in massive droves, easily being infected with some sort of "virus". Once infected, the zombies went out, frothing at the mouth, attacking all others who had only the slightest bit of humanity and logic left in their minds.

As I watched this film play out, I saw a striking similarity between the infected bands of vicious Zombies and a growingly belligerent and loud pro-war, anti-logic uprising in politics.

In current politics, why is it that sound and logical minds are being ignored? Why are pro-war crowds becoming increasingly loud and venomous? I have the answer and I have proof.

Our world has been infected by a new phenomenon, one that we're going to name right now: The Zombie Effect.

The Zombie Effect, Today

So what is the political Zombie Effect(ZE)?

Let's take a case study. The ZE occurs when a person, in modern politics, says anything that is sane, logical or doesn't involve war is ignored.

Their sound points, though usually correct, get buried under a word used as a rallying point and excuse to fight. To understand this example, first watch this short clip of Family Guy as an inexperienced Lois tries to debate Mayor Adam West, and learns how to spout catchphrases to win. Notice the blank stare in the eyes of the crowd.

Now you may say, but DocK, that's just a cartoon. How is that even relevant?

Gird your loins and grab your shotgun, because here is a horror clip from the recent US presidential debate. A man (Ron Paul) speaks logic and gives good reason to why the US shouldn't be fighting in the mideast, and all Giuliani (ZE spreader) says is "9/11!" to get the crowd cheering for him and jeering Paul. It's scary.

Here is a mashup of the two videos, showing Lois Griffen as Giuliani (thanks to CanadaChris). Notice how well they mix together?

Fighting the ZE: Survival Guide

Over the past seven years, its become glaringly obvious that the world has a problem. Too many people, namely Americans, have allowed politicians to use catchwords and phrases as an excuse for making ridiculous decisions and following actions.

"The War on Terror", "9/11", and so on are becoming words that are becoming destructive to humanity. When these words are used by politicians, it is as a means to attack good, logical minds.

These words will only lead to people supporting leaders bent on a policy of violence and war.

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant wrote, "Your head is humming and it won't go in case you don't know, the piper's calling you to join him." Expect to hear the Piper's Song quite a bit in upcoming months, as many will try to use catchphrases to spread the ZE and get people ignoring what is actually important and needed.

So what's the cure to this madness? Think. When you hear someone say "Terror...scary, fight!", ignore them. They are already zombies. Don't let others spout of nonsense. Call them out, and most importantly, explain to them the process of the Zombie Effect. We don't want our civilization reduced to a cheesy B-movie.

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