Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Monster Pig!

Just imagine all of the heaping bacon sandwiches that could be made from a 1,051 pound hog. For 11-year-old Jamison Stone, from Alabama, such a thought is out of the land of imagination and into reality.

On a hunting trip with his father, Mike Stone, young Jamison came upon the massive beast, which is named Hogzilla 2. Being a hunter since age 5, Jamison proceeded to shoot the giant hog eight times with a revolver. As may be expected, death didn't quickly take to the walking bacon platter.

Likely a bit annoyed by the bullets, the nearly 9 and a half foot (from snout to tail, a bit shorter than a regulation basketball goal) and 1500 pound boar refused to easily go down and gave Jamison a bit of a scare.

Boy Bags Giant Hog

Said Jamison in an interview, ""I was a little bit scared, a little bit excited."

After pursuing Hogzilla II for several hours, Jamison and his father (along with guides who had high powered rifles trained on the pig, in case of a charge) were finally able to subdue their record catch.

Final measurements of the pig indicate that its head is nearly five feet around and around its shoulders, nearly 6 feet. Its weight is now also thought to be 1,560 pounds total.

The father and son plan to use the meat to make massive amounts of sausage, expected to come up to about 700 pounds worth of meat.

Mr. Stone put up website for more on the story. You may have to check back in as it has likely received much traffic.


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