Thursday, May 03, 2007

Man Marries Goat, Goat Dies, Widower Gets "Kid"

You may remember the story, from some time back, about the man, Charles Tombe, who was found romancing and copulating with a goat on a farm in Sudan.

Amused village elders in Juba, Sudan, demanded that the man pay a dowry of 15,000 dinars to the goat's owner, and in an interesting turn, forced the man to marry the goat as a means of humiliating him in a humorous manner.

Now it seems this romantic tale has taken a tragic turn as the man's bride, Rose the goat, recently died. Aww.

Reports indicate that Rose's family must have lived in squalor, as she apparently died after choking on a plastic while she was rummaging for food scraps off the streets of Juba.

There's more.

During the time they were married, Rose gave birth to a healthy and strong "kid." While it's pretty certain that another goat was the father, meaning that Rose was cheating around on Tombe, officials decided that he would get sole custody of the goat-boy.

Asked for comment, Tombe refused to say anything and just sat in his chair, as shown in the picture above. Villagers heckle him daily, affectionately calling him "The Goat Man."

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