Friday, April 20, 2007

Grizzled Seamen Land Uber 1,063 Pound Shark

Tonight members of the Jaws family are not a happy campers. The fishing crew of a boat, The Sea Ya Later II (what happened to the I), were sailing the rough and tough seas when they spotted what turned out to be a 13 foot, 1063 pound shark that can land them in the record books.

The men of the boat came upon the big Mako shark as it was reportedly feasting on a school of dolphins. The men, undeterred, decided to tempt nature and capture the great shark.

Typically, this is a bad idea, as the temper of nature can be quite angry, 'much like an old man trying to return his soup at the deli'.

According to one fisherman, "If (the shark) hadn’t been as tired as she was, this boat would be sitting on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico."

Though I was personally rooting and hoping for the shark to get away here, the fishermen were able to net the shark and wear it out by using their boat. After it died, it took 8 men to pull it onto a larger boat.

AP Photo of Shark After Capture (not for animal lovers or squeemish)

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