Monday, April 16, 2007

Breaking News: Tragic Shooting At Virginia Tech Leaves 31 Dead, Many Injured

Breaking News
At least 31 people are dead in what may be the biggest mass shooting in modern American history — and the death toll may rise.
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New reports identify Cho Seung-Hui, a 23 year originally from South Korea, as the shooter in the recent tragedy.
A shooting victim is carried out of Norris Hall at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Va., Monday. Shootings in a dorm and classroom at Virginia Tech resulted in multiple fatalities. (Alan Kim, The Roanoke Times/AP Photo: Image from ABC News)

Tragic violence erupted on the Virginia Tech campus today as a mass shooting has left over thirty people dead, with more feared to lose their life.

Eyewitness reports say there were at least "'40 to 50'" shots fired at the campus, as a gunman, now identified to be Cho Seung-Hui, - a 23 year old senior English major student originally from South Korea- opened fire in a dorm and classroom of Virginia Tech. In an ABC interview, student Josh Wargo said, "'We heard almost 40 to 50 shots.'"

"'They were going on from the time we heard them and jumped out the window until almost two minutes later. When I landed, I was in a daze, standing outside the building.'" He continued, "'Then I heard shots going through glass — that's when it hit me that I had to get out of there.'"

This is the most tragic and deadliest shooting that has taken place in US history. Fears are that the death count will rise, as at least 22 people remain hospitalized. Some are in stable condition, while others are in surgery or condition unknown.

The primary suspect in these shootings is dead, and preliminary reports indicate that his motive may be associated with a recent relationship problems.

The two shooting areas, a co-ed dorm and a classroom, may have been intentional targets.

The shooter allegedly carried a 22-caliber handgun and a 9-mm pistol. When attacking the classroom on the Virginia Tech campus, the shooter chained classroom doors, blocking the path for any victims to immediately escape.

Our condolences and prayers go to the students at Virgina Tech and their families during this time.
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Charlie said...

Regarding the West AJ crime scene:
Before assuming that both this incident and the Norris Hall scene were perpetrated by the same person, think about this scenario...

A disgruntled boyfriend goes upstairs to the 4th floor of the West AJ dorm. He kills his girlfriend, then commits suicide. In that circumstance, the two incidents would most likely not be related at all.

Both incidents may be related, BUT we are NOT sure just yet...

Anonymous said...

There are several things about this that have me puzzled as well. The most major concern, for the time, is in regard to the policy initiated by cops/school officials following the murders that happened on campus.

As soon as they found people, murdered, the student body should have been warned as a instant, primary and precautionary measure.

This is all just so very sad and tragic.

Nate said...

All of this school violence shows exactly why guns and bullets need to be tightly regulated. Sad stuff, hope the best for all affected.