Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chef Gets Busted After Half-Baked Ferrari Auto Insurance Scheme

Conniving chefs, rascally wallabies and fast Ferrari's; such a story could only come from the land down under.

Reports indicate that a Sydney chef, Bahudur Singh, was baking up a little more than recipes for muffiny goodness in his head.

The 32-year-old chef decided that having a $330,000 Ferrari was just not enough, so he developed a car insurance scheme to turn a profit.

Singh's set-up scheme was simple and straightforward. He planned to claim a rogue wallaby suddenly jumped in the path of his Ferrari, forcing him to slam his brakes and causing a white 4WD car to strike him from behind. The "unknown car" was to speed off and all Singh would be able to do was file an insurance claim.

Unfortunately for Singh, his plan went awry.

Trouble started when a woman came upon the "accident" scene and offered to call police. Likely to her surprise, Singh asked her to not make the call.

After filing his insurance claim, which would have profited him by $48,000, Singh's story fell under investigation.

Analysis of police reports showed that Singh had been in frequent mobile phone contact with three men, of Indian descent, who were spotted in the 4WD on the night of the alleged accident.

Singh tried to claim he did not know the men, but made the amateur mistake of calling them quite often on their phones. In similar turn, more investigation revealed that the chef had been cooking up even more schemes.

After questioning, Singh confessed to having a false driver's license, a fake Indian passport and even lying on a car application loan. The chef and cafe owner turned out to be quite the busy man.

The Sydney chef now awaits April sentencing in the Downing Centre Court.



Anonymous said...

Haha, wascally wallabies. My question is how does a chef earn enough scratch to even buy a ferrari.

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