Monday, February 19, 2007

Britney Spears Tires of Sinead O'Connor Look, Wears A Wig

The strange world of Britney Spears has got even stranger. Soon
after shaving off all her hair, she donned a bizarre blonde, Marilyn
Monroe-style wig and large black sunglasses to visit yet another club.

Showing no sign of craving privacy, the 25-year-old singer arrived at the
Roxy nightclub on Hollywood's Sunset Strip for a karaoke themed birthday

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ALRO said...

Good to see her time at Eric Clapton Rehab retreat has worked for her...

She's such a dipshit!

Kdubb said...

I feel sorry for her. Sure, she's acting way off and you have to worry for her kids, but I think she really needs help and time away from the spotlight.