Saturday, January 27, 2007

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Interviews Scott McClellan

Well color me surprised. For years I thought that Scott McClellan, Bush's former master-of-spin (aka Press Secretary), was one of the most bland, weasleish men on the planet. He avoided questions with the deft quickness of a dodgeball Olympian. It turns out he is actually a pretty cool and funny guy. This is a really good interview.

Stewart Interviews McClellan: Part 1

Stewart Interviews McClellan: Part 2


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Nofriendofbush said...

I did not realize what a real, down-to-earth guy he is either. Stewart ought to bring him on regularly. He is much better and more candid than a neocon like Bill Kristol, who appears regularly.

Bobser said...

Those were my thoughts exactly on this guy. It is very surprising to see him so candid and not guarded. It goes to show how politicians have to comprimise a bit of themselves to hold a position at times.